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Our Process

At Halcyon Bioscience we pride ourselves in being a truly clean, 100% plant based company. Providing safe and effective products to the world.


We believe that natural is always best. All our ingredients, including our preservatives and cleaning products are all plant based. All our flavours are from real fruit extracts. Our extraction methods also use non toxic solvents. The end result are products that are safe and nourish the body with nutrition. 


Our manufacturing and extraction methods use low heat and low pressure to ensure our products are not damaged or the quality compromised in any way. We also protect the products from UV light exposure by packaging into dark packaging.


To allow for easy absorption into the body we render all our products water soluble. Our new innovative technology allows us to create water soluble elixirs without using any synthetic emulsifiers, solvents or gums.


We use our own proprietary plant based preservatives to stabilise all our product allowing for 12-24 month shelf life, enabling us to service exports market around the world.
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